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I am a 29-ish yr old married mother of 8. My family is my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. My darling husband is my very best friend and together we are raising 8 of the best kids in the world! They are Rose(12) Sarah(12) Ammon(10) Malachi(8) Gabriel(7) Hannah(5) Maggie(4) and Abbie(3) We currently own 2 dogs, 1 bird, 5 chinchillas, 1,000,000 rabbits, 1 cat, 4.5 horses, and one ferret. We just purchased a home that is definately a "fixer-upper", with land and room for the kids to roam. Our goal is to run a mostly self sustaining farm and live in peace as we grow as a strong family unit. We have seen our fair share of hardships, but we are thankful for the many blessings the Lord gives us on a regular basis!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I suppose I should be angry...

...that when I heard and odd sucking sound and followed it, I found this! My naked Maggie eating a candy bar that I had "hid" on the top shelf of my upper cabinet, behind the bread. How do I know that she was actually the one to get it down? The clothing and diaper I found on the counter were my first clue...Oh, and the toaster that had been moved so that she could use it as a step-stool, put the nail in the coffin!
(To bad my kitchen is so trashed or you might have a picture of that too!) That'll teach me to do school work with the kids!
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Stephanie said...

But you just CAN'T be angry at a smile like that!

leschornmom said...

Not when there's Milky Way involved!!! Who wouldn't go to those lengths? ;)

Melissa said...

At least she took her clothes off so they wouldn't get stained by the chocolate!

Andrea Hardman said...

My little Brook-ee can't climb well yet but she's a master hider. When she finds something good, like a pack of gum, a stick of butter or an unguarded tube of chapstick, she can hide out and eat it really quiet. After all, she wants to get a good start before someone realizes that it's too quiet.