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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A new Chapter...

As most of you know (and some don't, that's why I'm explaining) The boy scout program is a big part of a young man's development in our church. They enter the cub scout program at the age of 8 and the hope is that they will complete Eagle before they turn 18!
Well, Ammon turned 8 in September and tonight was the first Pack meeting he has attended!
He was able to do the necessary requirements to get his basket ball belt loop. (Thanks Jed!)
He was pretty excited about that and had me put it on his belt the minute we got home!
I think the most exciting thing for him was that this also happened to be the week that they had the rain gutter regatta race!

Things have been a little crazy around here with surgeries, construction work, and what not. So we didn't even find out about it until a few nights before. Thankfully, Brother Shumway, the pack leader, was very helpful and even went out of his way
to go get another boat kit from the scout store and bring it to our house!
John and Ammon got to stay up after all of the other kids were in bed to work on it for three nights. I was very please with Johns self control! I knew he would have LOVED to do it all on his own!
But truthfully, except for a minimal amount of help with sanding and the lightning strike that Ammon insisted John paint, Ammon did it all!

This is a very special time for Ammon. He has entered a new and very large part of his life! Scouts will consume him for the next 10 years! John is THRILLED to see his son do something that he never did. He looks forward to working on projects and goals with each of the boys and I look forward to watching!

Of the three races he ran he only won one. But he didn't care! He thought his boat was the fastest! He calls it his "Turtle Lightning Boat!" You can see a good picture of his "turtle" on the sail here.
This is the ribbon Ammon got for participating! He was so excited that he was like a little ping pong ball!I couldn't get him to look strait at me long enough to get a good picture but I think the smile speaks for it's self!

Congratulations Ammon! We love you!

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Cali and Travis said...

How FUN!!! And no it's not a mix-up about Cody's broken pelvis. He broke it Saturday in a trampoline incident. He's bedridden for two weeks. Anyway I got John's message the other day but I've just been crazy busy so I'll call him very soon. You guys have a great Thanksgiving!