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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Home schooling at it's best!

We belong to an LDS homeschool History group. January's theme was China...yes we're running
a little late on our project. Any way one of the Ladies had a great idea for doing Chinese Dragons as a project!
We used copies of a dragon face and glued them to brown paper bags. Then we made scales with construction paper on the sides. I let the older kids have a lot more room for creativity and they all did great jobs! The really cool thing about this project is that it directly co insides with an art project from our K12 program so we get credit for our time spent. Yeah!
This month is Africa. I'm not in charge of any of the projects but maybe I can get some good pics of our group and give you a better idea of what we do. The kiddies really love the things we do with this group!

Malachi was so excited when I handed him a screw driver so that he could "fix" a kitchen timer that had stopped working. Every thing is schooling for us. He didn't actually fix the timer but he was able to take it apart and look inside it. He also figured out why it had stopped working. Apparently a piece had broken inside the timer... Who knew? We were all actually impressed with how many springs, coils and other parts go into one tiny kitchen timer!

My very favorite thing about Homeschooling is that every one is included. Here is Abbie right in the middle of the scissors and glue and paper. Happily watching all of the chaos! Its what she lives with! This is not a bad thing! Any one who talks to my Hannah (2) is so impressed by the things she says and what she knows. I have never had a lesson on colors or shapes with her, yet she knows them. She still needs some work on her letters but that will come too. She was raised the exact same way that Abbie is growing up. In the middle of a learning environment. When Abbie is two she will most likely know all of the things that Hannah does now simply because she is in the middle of it every day!
Homeschooling s not about sitting a bunch of children down and forcing them to learn. It's about making life an educational experience. When we go to the zoo the kids take turns using the map and leading the group. When we're grocery shopping I show the children how to pick out meat and fresh produce. Then we compare prices. Rose and Sarah round to the nearest dollar and help keep track of how much is spent. All of this is learning.
Sure we do book work...lots of it. But the important thing to keep in mind is that as a parent you are "schooling" your children constantly. At the park, on a hike, at the store or even in the home... you just have to decided what lessons you want your children to learn! :)

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Guffey Family said...

I know exactly what you mean about making life a learning expierence. When we do anything we try and make sure the kids learn from it. Like hiking in the swamp not far from here, not only do we point out different kinds of plants and have the kids look for some of the same like a scavenger hunt, but we tell stories of people like Francis Marion the "Swamp Fox" from the Revolutionary War. The kids love pretending they are part of the story and they remember so much. I don't think they even realize they are learning history not just having fun. what is your email anyway?