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Friday, February 15, 2008

Do as I say...Not as I do!

We went hiking as a family on Saturday in the San Tan Mountains and John learned a very valuable lesson... Don't touch the cacti that you are always telling the children to stay away from!
While we were walking John saw a cactus that had started to drop some pods. He bent down and just tried to move one a little with the side of his finger. He was trying to see if it had taken root. We don't know what they're called but these particular Cacti have little prickles that curl when they are touched!
The really wild thing was that it didn't hurt...Until he started to try to get it off! The little prickles were like hairs and stayed in for quite a while! I guess it's just one of those small reminders that we parents should always lead by example!

By the way...This is where we live! :)


Cali & Travis said...

Ha, ha, ha!!!! I grew up in Texas kiddo and I could have told you to stay away from any kind of cactus!

Guffey Family said...


William said...

And I thought stinging nettles where an evil plant.