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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The BEST Stinkin' Baby Seat Ever!

Okay, I'm not one to push products... I think babies have too much stuff today! BUT If you have a baby I HIGHLY recommend this seat It is called a BUMBO. Abbie is 6 mos old and doesn't sit up..at all. It might have something to do with the fact that she was a preemie but it could just be that she doesn't want to. Any way, This seat is awesome! It's molded perfectly to fit her. It supports her back and her sides but still allows her to wiggle. I truly cannot say enough good things about this seat! I wish I had it with my other 7!
I got mine at Walmart. You can also order it on line at http://www.bumbobabysitter.com/ . The price is the same. It has a little optional tray that attaches to it for toys (which they don't carry at Walmart) but I haven't ordered it yet! (money and all)
*Cutest baby in the world - not included!

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Stephanie H. said...

It's true the Bumbo sells very well at Babies R Us ($40) , where the tray is available :) I'm glad for the personal recommendation since I didn't use it with Ben.