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Saturday, September 18, 2010

WaVaHo Field trip!

For those of you who don't know... (drum roll please...) we HOME SCHOOL! (Gasp!) I know, I know. but don't worry... it's perfectly legal and we DO socialize. One of the things we do for school is a weekly History Co-op. This is where all the stir crazy homeschooling moms get their kids together and have hands-on activities that have to do with the history subject for the year. (As if schooling our children and regular household chores wasn't enough right?) Any way, this year is all about American History. So, our entire group of homeschoolers went on a field trip to Dobbs Park last Tuesday, to visit their Native American History Center.

This is what happened while we were there...

Even Abbie got in on the fun!!!

The director of the Center had a nice activity planned for the kids.

When the kiddos were done slathering paint on their sticks (and in some cases themselves) they were given a tour of the History center and then we went outside to eat under the pavilion. Sorry there are no pictures of this, I had left my camera inside.

Many thanks to April for arranging everything! All the kids had a blast making their coup sticks and sand art! I tried to get more pictures of the older kids but they all came out really blurry.


Ranee said...

I LOVE field trips! I wish we could go on more of them! We've got plans up our sleeve though, for a nature walk sometime soon, with the kiddo's! :0)

rara said...

hello im fromm malaysia blogwalking here :) nice blog n very awesome children :) i follow u