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Monday, April 20, 2009

My New Hero...

I don't know how many of you know who this woman is. Her name is Irena Sendler. I learned about her last night as I watched the new Hallmark movie about her life story. Then I did further research today via the internet. In the course of 2 1/2 years she rescued 2500 children from the ghetto in Warsaw Poland durring the German occupation in WWII. One at a time, she and several colleagues smuggled Jewish babies and children through under ground sewers, in coffins, in wheel barrows, in ambulances and even a tool box!
She not only saved these children from certain death but re-homed them and kept record of where the children were being sent so that they could one day be reunited with their Jewish families!
The truly amazing thing to me is that when she was finally captured. She endured three months of torture where her legs and feet were broken and her teeth pulled. Yet, she NEVER reveled any information about the people who helped her or the where abouts of the children. She lived to be 98 years old and was never happy with how "few" children she was able to save.
I'd like to think that I would be as courageous as this woman if I were in the same situation but I guess you never know how you'd react to a given situation until you're in it.
(PS. In 2007 she was nominated for the nobel peace prize but it was granted to Al Gore for his work in the documentory about Global Warming! - I am ashamed to know that the human race has come to this!)


zippy said...

I have heard tell of her before and think that she was an amazing woman! I too was saddened to hear that Al Gore received the NP over this hero...there is no question that it is up to us to follow in the footsteps of women like her to ensure that this world continues to be a great place to be (despite those who follow othersl like Al Gore)!

Kermit Crew said...

Wow! What a wonderful lady! I have to say I didn't know who she was until you wrote this, I had heard her name but didn't know about her. The part about Al Gore getting the Nobel Peace Prize instead of her, just makes me sick! The world continues to shock me as to how warped it is becoming! What a wonderful opportunity we have to teach our children about people like her!