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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Disposable Pets!!!!

Okay when I was young there was this tv show. I think it was Family Ties but I'm not sure. Anyway, I specifically remember this episode where Alex (Michele J Fox) takes the little brother to preschool and teaches the whole class about running a business. As a class they decide to "run" a pet store. So Alex starts helping them plan the kinds of animals they're gonna have. Some little kid says "Lets sell frogs!"
That's when Alex says "...okay now we have to separate the frogs...tree frogs, slimy frogs, disposable frogs..."
At that point the teacher interrupts, "DISPOSABLE frogs?"
Alex's reply? "Yeah you know, the kind that die as soon as you bring them home."

Well, there we go! Because Alex P. Keaton said it was so, we know they exist! All of this story has a point. Little Max is dying! Honestly it TICKS ME OFF! I mean really Is it that hard to check and make sure that the hamster your selling is healthy!?! I mean I paid 16 bucks for the silly little thing! Since we brought him home he's had diarrhea and now he's cold and only moves if you poke him!!!! All any moron would have had to do is check his cage before they sold him to us. THAT'S HOW WE FOUND OUT!!! UUUUUGGGGG! (I DID look but it was spotless...as in just-been-cleaned-so-someone-should have-noticed-the green slime spotless) Can you FEEL my frustration? Poor Ammon! The worst part about it is that we are afraid that what ever Max has... Zorro will get it to!
So, now I can take them in for an even exchange! We can't get our money back and go to a different store AND we can't have little Max back so that Ammon can bury him. What does that teach my 8-yr-old!?!

PET SMART STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh yeah, and they're way over priced to!)


Stephanie said...

Poor Ammon! I'm so sorry!

Melissa said...

Wow! Poor Ammon is right! First Olivia and now this?! Poor guy's not gonna want pets if this keeps up!
Give him a big hug for me and tell him I'm soo sorry for his loss. :(