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Monday, May 5, 2008

The Magic Mirror Strikes Again!

I was standing outside the bathroom once again listening to a one sided conversation today! At least this time I knew what was going on...
"No it MY aneemul cacka"
"Nooo... IIIII... want to eat it!"
Then the sounds of a dying animal cracker... Did you know they can scream?

Here's what I want to know. In every conversation this darling little girl has with her self she is bossing it, arguing with it, or yelling at it (Not to mention making sound effects of dying animal crackers)...Should I be worried?


Missy Hoback said...

Absolutely not! She is one of the 3 youngest of 8 children. The 2 that are younger than her are to little to boss around and everyone else is bigger and probably boss her around so who does that leave? LOL. At least her imaginary friend is someone you can see. lol

Guffey Family said...

Yeah, when she starts talking to people you can't see then it gets interesting. And as far as making the dying animal cracker noises I've noticed that boys seem to come by those reactions naturally where it seems girls only do it if they have older brothers they learn it from. Emily never does stuff like that, Adrianna and Lydia both do.

Cathy Shields said...

So very cute!!! Rather it's normal or not soooo very cute.

Cathy Shields said...

So very cute!!! Rather it's normal or not soooo very cute.

Mark said...

Hey, this is Mark Hansen! Thanks for hitting my blog. Yes, I remember you and your sisters! How are they? How cool that you and your husband rediscovered the SCA. Missy and I used to do that years ago when we hung with the gaming crowd. I haven't done it in years.


Stephanie said...

At least when she's bossing herself around she doesn't get resentful of her own bossiness. I think you don't need to worry until she starts having fist fights with that bossy little girl in the mirror.