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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kitty Heartbreak!

About a year ago my kids found a sweet fluffy little kitten in our back yard. It turned out it was our neighbor's, so we gave it back. A few days later, the neighbor kids came back and asked us if we wanted her because their mom didn't want a cat in the house. Sooo... Sasha came to live with us.

She was always inside. At night she slept with which ever child she chose. Ammon often shut the bedroom door so she wouldn't bother him at night. She would lay on their pillows and suck on her tail like she was nursing and PURR very loudly!

Well, as all of you know I went on bed rest while I was pregnant with Abbie. With so many kiddos to look after, there were LOTS of helpers coming in and out of the house. Some one accidentally let her out while I was in the hospital.

My sister made up fliers and John posted them on mail boxes and telephone poles. No one called. That was in October. The kids especially the girls) miss her SO MUCH. While John and I had excepted her 'fate" the kids were constantly on the look out for her.

Tonight I heard the typical "Mommy, It's Sasha!" I barely even glanced at the cat and stopped mid sentence! "No it's n---Oh my Gosh!" There sitting 10 feet away from my van (in our WALMART PARKING LOT was a very ratty looking SASHA!

I just didn't know what to do. I threaten Rosie with her life if she got out! I still wanted to be sure. I got out of the van and called to her. Now I was close enough to see her pink collar...much shaggier and tighter now. IT WAS SASHA!...only different. She wouldn't come to me. She was too afraid.

It's odd I truly believe that she recognised me but she has changed. I followed her in a walking chase all the way to the Walmart Outdoor center...which was locked. (she got in through the fencing) Rosie at this point was with me. We went all the way around to the front entrance and tried to get into the garden center from there but it was locked also. We ran (Rosie was balling at this point) to an employee and quickly told him that we needed to get into the Garden Center because our cat that had been missing for several months was in there. He was almost as excited as we were and took us there immediately!

It was too late. She was gone by the time we got in. Rose was crying I was crying. Even the two guys helping us were obviously upset. One told me he first saw her there around Christmas! The other told me that he's been working there for seven weeks and that she's been there every night as he locks up! Here's the thing...He's been trying for seven weeks to try to get her to come to him and she hasn't!

We talked to the manager and he said it's okay to set a live trap for her. But, I don't think it's going to matter. I think she's gone ferrel and it's not going to be the same. We have to catch her to at least remove the color that is far too tight because of her growth. I just don't know what to do and I've tried to explain it to my girls but they just think that if they can bring her home she'll remember them. It's so sad.

I can't believe I am this torn up about a cat that wants nothing to do with human beings! But I can't stand how heart breaking it is for my girls! They just don't understand why their Sasha wouldn't want to come home! Another cat is not an option and if we don't figure this out we'll never hear the end of it. I just don't know what to do, or how to help them understand.

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Darryl and Cindy said...

"If" you can get Sasha in a large travel cage, let her eat, and sleep in there and only take her out to work with her a little at a time, she should tame down. She was young when she was lost, so she probably doesn't "remember" you, but that doesn't mean she can't become yours again. The children must understand how very gentle they must be, and especially not grab or make any sudden movements.

From the way she is acting I think she has probably been booted a time or two and is very wary of human contact.