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I am a 29-ish yr old married mother of 8. My family is my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. My darling husband is my very best friend and together we are raising 8 of the best kids in the world! They are Rose(12) Sarah(12) Ammon(10) Malachi(8) Gabriel(7) Hannah(5) Maggie(4) and Abbie(3) We currently own 2 dogs, 1 bird, 5 chinchillas, 1,000,000 rabbits, 1 cat, 4.5 horses, and one ferret. We just purchased a home that is definately a "fixer-upper", with land and room for the kids to roam. Our goal is to run a mostly self sustaining farm and live in peace as we grow as a strong family unit. We have seen our fair share of hardships, but we are thankful for the many blessings the Lord gives us on a regular basis!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Here's how it goes...

Malachi: I have a bloody nose.
Me: Quit picking it. (with out turning to look)
Malachi: Okay...Uh, Is this enough to stain a wall?
(enter blood soaked tissue...note blood spatter on clothing and blood covered hands)
Me: Is there blood on my wall?
Malachi: No...(looking very thoughtful) just on mine.
Me: Why is there blood on your wall!?!
Malachi: Because I drew a picture.
Me: With blood?!
Malachi: Yeah! I wanted it to look like a battle like at the Renaissance Festival. (sweet toothless smile)

Note: There are no pictures because I did NOT want a repeat, and nothing gets a good encore like a photo op! Just know that it was gross!!!!

PS This is why we stock up on Clorox Wipes and Magic Erasers!


Stephanie said...

That is funny! You have to save that story for when he is dating!

Cali & Travis said...

Oh MY!

Leisha said...

Magic Erasers are a Mother's best friend! I give him points for a great imagination!

P.S. I love the new blog look and your picture, etc.!~