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Monday, March 23, 2009

Making Elves

I don't know many people that are as creative as my girls! I mean it. You know the type of women that make their own decorations for the Holidays and paint the Art work that hangs on their walls? Then you must have met my two oldest daughters!
This afternoon they discovered some type of acorn in the trees that grow next to our house. So what did they do? They came up with a craft project for my younger children!

They all set to work gathering other natural items...bottle brush flowers, thorns from bushes, Other flowers...whatever they could find.

Then they got out mu permanent markers to draw faces! Their finished product? ELVES! I would never have thought of that in a million years!

Am I wrong to brag?


Stephanie said...

Adorable! What clever girls!

Jessica said...

That's cute! I agree about the syrup thing...should have taken a picture of Sophia cracking eggs on the carpet this morning. :)
Good to visit with you today, just wanted to tell you my oldest son Jaxon really enjoyed playing with your girls. It was nice to have kids his age there and your kids are all adorable and well behaved. Have a good day. Jessica W.

Kermit Crew said...

You are SO not wrong to brag...how adorable! They really are so creative! That means they're going to make really awesome babysitters and really great mothers and wives someday!