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I am a 29-ish yr old married mother of 8. My family is my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. My darling husband is my very best friend and together we are raising 8 of the best kids in the world! They are Rose(12) Sarah(12) Ammon(10) Malachi(8) Gabriel(7) Hannah(5) Maggie(4) and Abbie(3) We currently own 2 dogs, 1 bird, 5 chinchillas, 1,000,000 rabbits, 1 cat, 4.5 horses, and one ferret. We just purchased a home that is definately a "fixer-upper", with land and room for the kids to roam. Our goal is to run a mostly self sustaining farm and live in peace as we grow as a strong family unit. We have seen our fair share of hardships, but we are thankful for the many blessings the Lord gives us on a regular basis!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hand Update!

meI went to the hand surgeon yesterday. He decided that he's taking it out! He wouldn't drain it because he wants it full so that he can see it better during the surgery!
I'm waiting for the scheduling person to call and finalize the date. The doctor said it would probably be in 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. The AWESOME thing is that is is out patient surgery! They'll give me IV sedation and I won't remember most of it! I'll have my hand in a cast for about two weeks and then be good as new!


Guffey Family said...

good for you! I'm glad it's all finally getting taken care of for you. love the new lizard too. my boys really want one, but we already have a 4 ft long ball python so we're going to wiat a little bit

leschornmom said...

Shilo, that's really funny because my boys want a snake and I keep telling them that they are not allowed to have anything that constricts until our youngest child is at least three!
I had a boa and a ribbon snake when I was younger and loved them both but even at 15 I found the boa was a bit strong for me. So, now I have some wierd fear that a snake might try to eat one of my babies!
Oh the drama!

Andrea Hardman said...

Yeah! I'm glad that it will be over soon. And you have a week or two left to blog all you want at whatever speed you want! After that, it may be a bit slow. (one handed, and all) Good luck!

Andrea Hardman said...

Hope you're doing good, that the surgery's over and that you're on your way back to blogdom soon.

Cali & Travis said...

Good luck with the hand. We'll miss you in Nauvoo this week!